• Pray for the new partnership with Training Leaders International and the partnership with them in Malawi. That trip is scheduled for September 25th-October 11th.
  • Pray for Andrew and Alexis Olson who are in Tanzania studying Swahili.
  • Praise the Lord for the enthusiastic response to the training in the Dominican Republic, May 1st – 8th. They want to start classes as soon as possible.
  • Praise the Lord for the new Share the Word App that is now released in English, Luganda, and Spanish.
  • Praise the Lord for the March 24 – April 12th trip to Uganda. It was an encouraging and motivating trip for everyone celebrating 10 years of ministry in Uganda. The number of classes is over 40 and the leadership of those classes will be moved to the nine zones and the zonal leaders.
  • Pray for the missionaries in Uganda. They include: Nate and Rhoda Jore, Micah and Famke Berger, Brent and Emily Raan, and Michael Rokenbrodt.
  • Pray for the 9 classes in India. They are needing encouragement in their ministry.
  • Pray for Earl Korhonen who is the new World Missions director for the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations. He has been traveling with Del Palmer through India, Switzerland, and Uganda.
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