• Pray for the Orality Institute Bike ride on September 30th and the Grand Canyon Hike on October 21st.
  • Pray for the victims of the violence against Christians in Pakistan. 36 churches burnt, 180 homes, over 300 families displaced.
  • Praise the Lord for our six eager Ugandan missionaries who returned from S. Sudan, Malawi. Mama Nissi continues her visit to England and is trying to start a class there.
  • Pray for the provision for the opportunities that we have been working with in northern India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Zambia.
  • Praise the Lord for our initial online trainings that appear to be going well.
  • Praise the Lord for the six videos that have been created and sent to our country leaders.
  • Pray for Nigeria as it deals with an economic crash and extremely difficult situations.
  • Praise the Lord for our stable finances these past six months.
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