• Praise the Lord for the response to the first two Orality Institute awareness/fundraisers. The 50-mile bike on September 10th, and the UP Michigan motorcycle trip September 17-21. The Grand Canyon Hike is still coming on October 15th.
  • Praise the Lord for His provision toward our goal of $17,000 for the upcoming trips and printing. Pray for our monthly support that is currently at $5000 and our monthly expenses are at $8000.
  • Praise the Lord for the ongoing reports of classes having a good effect in Malawi.
  • Pray for the upcoming trip of our four Ugandan teachers headed to Malawi for further training.
  • Praise the Lord that the 2nd book is translated into Chichewa for Malawi and that the money has been raised to publish it.
  • Pray for the upcoming trip to Ethiopia over Thanksgiving.
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