• Praise for the successful trip to the Baja of Mexico in September. There were 19 new students and we found that eight of the previous students are active in ministry in that area.
  • Praise for the successful trip to the Dominican Republic in August. There were four introduction classes taught in a week. Six teachers have begun teaching in 3 regions.
  • We are talking about when a trip to Malawi might work. There are so many schedules to work together with three leaders and four separate ministries. We are hoping for February – March.
  • Pray for the 100 mile bike ride and the Grand Canyon Hike on October 15th. Pray for endurance and awareness.
  • Pray for the 2nd book to be translated into Chichewa for Malawi.
  • Pray for us as we plan for a children’s curriculum.
  • Prayer for the finances to continue and grow this ministry
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