So, if the teaching is oral, then why do you have printed books?

The printed books have been the teacher’s guide for lesson preparation. It is no small challenge to get that printed material into other languages. By God’s grace the first two books have been translated into Spanish, Luganda, Telugu, Russian, and Portuguese.

In the past, there was an intense effort to provide an audio version of the stories on Megavoice audio players. The Megavoice players were solar powered and about the size of a cell phone. As technology changed, those same audio files made their way onto the cell phones. The audio files were easy to pass on from person to person with just the copying of some files saving the purchase of a separate player.

As technology has changed again with the popularization of smart phones, now the books will be available for smart phones using a downloadable app. Special thanks to Pastor Andrew Olson, Lutheran Bible Translator missionary, who plans on using the oral curriculum in Tanzania this next year. Here are some screen shots of what is to come.