The ministry at the Instituto Biblico Cristo Por Su Mundo was influential. The evidence of Christ’s work in the students’ lives could be seen on their faces, through their testimonies, and their passion for sharing God’s Word.

The Bible School is five hours south of San Diego in the Baja of Mexico. Physically, it is a warm, dry climate, but spiritually it is a lush, fertile area.  The 18 students and four faculty come from the mountains of southern Mexico, from Christian ministries, and recovery programs. Every person has a unique story of God’s work in their lives.

Pastor Carlos has decided to use the Orality Institute curriculum as a required part of their school curriculum. Every week the students will be using the oral lessons from class to teach the children and adults in their community outreach.

Gabriela was in the training last year. Through this past year she has been sharing the stories of God’s Word with 70-80 children every week. Most of them had not eaten when they started to come for her Saturday program, so she started providing breakfast for them and sharing the stories of God’s Word.

Miguel spent years in a Los Angeles prison and now has a new life in Christ after coming out of the Rancho de Cristo recovery program. Everything of faith is new to him. He is growing daily and is excited to share this joy and hope in his heart.

Pastor Kevin Olson