The Oral Story

New Board Takes Shape

The new board Orality Institute Board was elected by the previous Ambassador Institute Board. These four men are humble servants who are ready to represent the Orality Institute and to guide it in the decisions ahead. Below are some quotes from them as to why they accepted this board position.

Paul Kneeland writes, “I accepted this board position because I believe in its mission and feel that God has given us a great vision in how to use the orality style of instruction to further the work of making disciples around the world.  I am excited to encourage and provide assistance in the process of determining where and how this ministry can expand.  I believe that expansion could include any nation… certainly those where the Word of God has not been very present in written form, but also nations that have held God’s Word for years.  As I am learning in my own congregation, the oral training strategy is one that can and should be used by all followers of Jesus, and results in reproducible discipleship and powerful multiplication in response to Christ’s Great Commission.”



Peter Ward writes,“I have been watching and supporting the original Ambassador Institute. The ministry seems to have met a need and the Lord has blessed it in countries such as Uganda and elsewhere. It is a joy to watch the Lord at work. I decided to accept the board position invitation because I truly believe the Lord has much more in mind for Orality Institute. I believe the future includes using the curriculum in schools within and outside the US. What I hope to see happen is not only the spreading of God’s Word in foreign nations but that this style of teaching becomes a means through which the Word of God is brought back into the lives of our fellow Christian Americans. Personally, I think there is a lot of work ahead because of the great opportunity. I am excited to see how the Lord will honor this ministry.


Pastor Wayne Hjermstad writes,“The Ambassador Institute had such a pervasive influence on souls over the years. Not only do we want this to continue but continue to expand under IOI.  It is such a privilege to be working where we see the Lord working and to be part of that work.  A new beginning for an age old mission. The Lord has given us His own example of teaching in this way and how can we not anticipate this simple and powerful approach to be effective in our day when there is so much spiritual illiteracy in the U.S. as in other places.”





Wayne Floan traveled on the recent trip to Uganda. He had dreamed of visiting Africa and seeing this ministry. He said, “I am amazed at the faith of these men and women. They have truly been changed by the Word of God. When you see the joy that they have when they worship and hear the testimonies of what their lives used to be like, you can not help but be amazed. They are simple people living simple lives, but the power of God is at work within them.”





Blessings, Pastor Kevin Olson