Set Apart

“Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” Then after fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and sent them off.
Acts 13:2-3

Set apart is a great description of what the Orality Institute is about. It means that students set apart time to study God’s Word, the leaders dedicate two years to teach them, and the style of education is set apart from traditional methods.

This picture is one of the new Ugandan churches that have been started through the Ambassador Institute’s ministry. This is one of five new house churches, and it is held at Mama Rose’s business. It has taken years for the oral students to see the need to start their own churches, but it seems that this simple house church model is beginning to spark interest in Uganda. The leadership is divided among the members, and they worship in a simple and personal way. The Word of God, prayer, and worship is the heart of their gatherings.

Paul Kneeland’s trip to Uganda is to encourage the ministry and give the leaders some practical training. Paul’s two-week trip has very little time for rest. He will be participating in two of the five graduations, four zonal leaders’ meetings, and two meetings with the Ugandan international missionaries. The training has grown so quickly that we need to add some structure to the vision and passion. We have multiple places requesting training and six potential missionaries. This trip gives Paul a chance to introduce clear expectations and qualifications for those that represent the Orality Institute when they travel to other countries. He will be introducing budgeting and structural topics so that classes can start in a strong and stable manner. We need to be strategic with the use of our finances and make sure that when we begin a new location or country, they will be trained well.


Aquila and Prisca, together with the church in their house, send you hearty greetings in the Lord. All the brothers send you greetings.
1 Corinthians 16:19-20

One of the greatest blessings of a ministry that spans years is watching the Lord transform lives. Alex and Mary were both graduates from the oral ministry in Uganda. Mary became a teacher and taught her class through their graduation while she worked in the Ambassador Institute office. Alex was a budding pastor, and he was mentored by Pastor Brent Raan and Michael Rokenbrodt as he started a church outside of Jinja.

Shortly before their engagement party Alex was in a severe motorcycle accident. At first, he was expected to die, then after finding a hospital that would treat him, they expected that he may have permanent spinal or head injuries. The Lord healed him in some miraculous ways. When they were married a month later Alex was able to walk and stand on his own. Their wedding was a celebration for the whole ministry family in Uganda.

Now Alex is the pastor of Gideon church. He grew in his preaching through his oral training. Alex and Mary have led their congregation in spiritual growth, and they have seen people set free from various forms of spiritual bondage through Jesus. They have also faced severe spiritual opposition. Strong winds blew down their church, one of their leaders was killed by a falling brick, and Alex was mugged when he was delivering money. Yet, they continue to faithfully proclaim the hope in Jesus and teach oral classes.   Their daughter Rohi, which means The Lord is my Shepherd, just turned three. She has been in the center of the missionary meetings from the day she was born and travels with her parents to the graduation events as a special guest of honor. The Orality Institute truly is an international family.