Equipping Disciples

A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher. Luke 6:40

Equipping Disciples,

One Story At A Time is our new motto. It describes in simple terms what the Orality Institute is doing. Regardless of the language, or culture, or educational background, our purpose is to equip disciples of Jesus.

People have wondered, what is this training all about, who it is for, and what makes it unique? To answer simply, it is all about equipping disciples with a tool they can use to easily share God’s Word. It is a tool that works with anyone, anywhere who is open to the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives. It is a unique tool because through memorizing the scripture, the people of the Bible become alive and relatable to our own lives.

Orality has often been mistaken as a training primarily for the illiterate and uneducated, meaning that it would work better in other countries than it would in the United States or other western societies. Learning, meditating, and personalizing God’s Word works in every culture when students allow the Holy Spirit to apply God’s Word to their lives. Distractions and busy schedules can get in the way of the meditation and personalization needed for scripture to work in us and humble us. The leaders from Our Savior’s in Zumbrota, MN are walking through a training process using the oral stories. They have found that they have been able to share these stories with people at the café, in health crises, on the playground, with their family, and when caring for someone. However, the greatest impact is on the leaders themselves as they allow the Word of God to penetrate their hearts and the Holy Spirit applies it to their own lives. Oral training will also be a part of the Pacific Northwest Summer Bible Camp this June. Join the movement as we equip disciples, one story at a time.

Open Doors

Pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ, on account of which I am in prison— that I may make it clear. Colossians 4:3-4

Requests for training continue to come from many new places both internationally and within the United States. This past month, we were asked to participate in a trip to Kenya, to assist a school that trains leaders in several countries, and to work with several U.S. churches. A clear purpose is critical to discern when and where and how to help.

The Orality Institute’s role is always to come alongside existing ministries that request assistance to train their people. Training leaders and equipping disciples is essential for this ministry to multiply because the newly trained leaders quickly become the trainers of their own ministry.

This training is international in the same way that God’s Word is international. God’s Word is intended for every nation, every culture, and every language regardless of education, age, gender, or social status. It is equally important for rural, urban, and suburban settings.

The Orality Institute helps ministries on four different levels. The first level is the oral strategy. It is a unique technique and looks significantly different than a traditional lecture or classroom instruction. The goal is for God’s Word to become living and active in the mind and the heart of all the participants. The second level is training. Participation requires commitment and study; it means taking time to learn the story and personalize it. There are four years of curriculum that can be used as a guide. The third level is support. The Orality Institute commits to stand alongside those who begin this process until it is complete. Internationally, that often means graduations. The fourth level is organization. As classes progress and new classes begin, we are committed to assisting ministries as they consider how to multiply and expand beyond the first level of training.