Stable in the Storm

 “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Mark 4:38-39

Storms are a real and even terrifying part of life. Does it feel like you are going through storm after storm right now? Will there be an end? Can we return to normal?

This is a peaceful picture of the Nile River in Uganda after a storm. The Orality Institute leaders in Uganda have been through the storms of injury, illness, death, famine, finances, and corruption. There is a peace that comes when the storm is past because it is a peace that comes from knowing that the Lord carried them through. Their faith in God grows and their witness to those watching becomes stronger through the trials.

Our board member, Wayne Floan, passed through intense chemo treatment for his cancer this spring. Now he is on the other side gaining strength and praising God for each new day.

There will be another side to this viral pandemic, and maybe, by God’s grace, things will not return to normal. Is it possible for us to gain a new respect for life and an appreciation for worship or being together? There will be another side to riots and destruction across our country. Is it possible for us to have a better understanding of other cultures and a renewed respect for authority?

Before the storm on the lake, Jesus said to His disciples, “Let us go over to the other side.” There will be another side and Jesus will be in the boat with us as we go there. Jesus, we look to you for stability in the storms.


Preparation is an important part of moving forward. Without careful preparation, forward movement can be unstable or uncertain. This quieter time is giving the Orality Institute a chance to prepare so that we can move forward in a good and strong way when international travel is restored. Here are some ways that we are preparing:

– Spending time with Pastor Paul Kneeland so that he is ready to begin strong as he joins staff in July. Equipping him with the supplies that he will need as well as further training in the oral strategy.

– Continuing the communication with our international ministry partners to encourage them in the work that they are leading. They are also in a quiet time of evaluation of their ministry.

– Developing videos so that people can better understand the work of Orality Institute in other countries. Videos can capture people’s attention and draw them in much like the oral stories that we are teaching.

– Training the Home Missions Barnabas team with oral stories as they prepare to do ministry this summer.

– Filling two Orality Institute board positions. Wayne Floan stepped down because of the cancer he is battling, and Paul Kneeland moved over from chairman to Orality Institute staff. You can contact Pastor Kneeland at or 520-334-8612 if you want to schedule a presentation. The Lord has already provided a buyer for their home in Dayton, MN and a job for Ruth in Prescott, AZ.