June is Annual Conference month for the AFLC. That means getting all of the things ready that communicate who we are and what we are doing. One part of that was creating a large display banner. I love the message that this banner portrays, which really describes what the Lord is doing through the International Orality Institute.

Since the Orality Institute is a self-governing organization, the door is open for work with new organizations. Eastern European Missions Network, World Mission Prayer League, Lutheran Bible Translators, and Mission of Christ all become potential partner agencies along with the missionaries and the many connections that exist within the countries that they serve. None of these four ministries have an oral curriculum or an oral training that has been developed. The potential expansion and the potential reach of this ministry is a great open door.

The other side of the open door is the Word of God. God’s Word has the power and the potential to transform lives. It has the promise of God that when it goes forth it will not return empty. Where ever His Word is proclaimed, He is at work.  This picture was take in a simple church in very poor area of Uganda, yet, every week 6-8 students meet with their teacher to study God’s Word in this building. Every week they are memorizing and applying God’s Word. Every week the Lord is at work in this church.

Pastor Kevin Olson