The Oral STORY – January 2018

This is the first news of a new ministry called the International Orality Institute.

This ministry will be a continuation of the oral training that I was doing through the Ambassador Institute. The AFLC World Mission Committee encouraged me to begin a new organization and this is that beginning. This ministry will be starting out of the basement of our home, but the Lord can do great things with small beginnings.

It will take some time to get this ministry off the ground. Over the next month or two I will be creating artwork, launching a website, creating a donation path, and applying for non-profit status through the IRS. Dr. Phil Haugen, Pastor Tim Hinrichs, and Pastor Matthew Ballman have agreed to continue their roles from the Ambassador Institute Board and act as the transitionary board for this new organization.

Please prayerfully consider supporting the International Orality Institute as we train international leaders in God’s Word. Checks made out to International Orality Institute may take a little time to clear while the non-profit is established. Checks made out to Kevin Olson will be cleared immediately.

Pastor Kevin Olson