The Oral Story

The Oral Story – February 2017

Well, the International Orality Institute is up and running. It is a simple beginning, but God uses small things for big purposes.

January was a transitional month to get this ministry organized. The following is a list of the progress:

  • The Articles of Incorporation were written and approved
  • IOI was established as a corporation within the state of Minnesota
  • A bank account was opened
  • Application for non-profit status was begun
  • The internet domain was established
  • The email was setup
  • A logo tournament was held for the new logo
  • The first trip to Uganda was planned

It is good to be registered as an official business, with a logo, a bank account, and a website soon.

It is great to have the first trip for IOI going to Uganda where this ministry began. Wayne Floan, Paul Kneeland, and I will be traveling together on this trip. There will be two graduations and a good deal of planning for the future.

In the next two months, the transition board will be choosing official board members, establishing a web site, and making plans for future trips. Possible trips include: Cuba, Baja of Mexico, and India. I am hoping to take others with on each trip so that the vision for this ministry can spread. Let me know if you have an interest in serving on the board or helping this ministry get started. There is an immeadiate need for a website designer and a treasurer.

Many thanks to those who have transfered their support from the Ambassador Institute into Orality Institute. Your support has been an encouragement to continue this ministry of bringing God’s Word to the world.

Pastor Kevin Olson