We are incredibly grateful for the generosity and support we’ve experienced from friends around the world.  Together, we join God as He works in the lives of hundreds of people who are being transformed through His Word.  This oral training in nations around the globe could not be done without your participation.  You are incredible supporters!

If you would like to get more involved with the Orality Institute, we are assembling a team of “Advocates.”  Advocates are enthusiastic volunteers, who are supporters that help communicate what God is doing through the Orality Institute. Each month, Advocates are sent a list of specific prayer requests as well as ideas for making people aware of the mission. Simple things like “sharing” or “liking” our social media posts makes a huge difference in the reach, the visibility, and the awareness of this ministry. We also need gentle voices representing the Orality Institute into local congregations; helping with some creative fundraising events; or perhaps even joining us on an international training trip.

Advocates will receive a specially designed shirt and will be given the opportunity to attend the yearly Advocate Retreat.  There is a growing team of Advocates, and we’d love to have you partner with us in this way.  If you have a passion to see God’s message of redemption and reconciliation reach all over the world, please email for more details about the Advocate team. Thank you for your love of God’s Word and your faithful support of this ministry. Praise God for the work He is doing because of your partnership in the Gospel! You are amazing supporters and we love you!


The gift of friendship and encouragement is especially precious when life gets difficult. To know that there are brothers and sisters in Jesus who are praying with you and caring what is going on makes the challenges seem more manageable. Please pray for our friends in Malawi:

Rodrick became the director of Prison Fellowship of Malawi in 2006. He works with 27 prisons in Malawi. Prison Fellowship has a halfway house, a children of prisoners program, a prisoner journey follow-up program, and a prison chaplain training program. Orality Institute will be focusing on the prison chaplain training. Rodrick and Matilda have three beautiful kids, Theodore, Esperanza, and Angelina.

Watson came to faith in Jesus in 1990. Since then, he started training for the pastors around Balaka. He and his wife Esther have four kids: Faith, Hope, King, and Divine Grace. Watson is a spirit-filled pastor that loves Jesus and wants to grow personally as well as help his fellow rural pastors to be trained. Scripture flows in his conversation.

Moses trains pastors from many areas around Malawi. His main church is in a remote part of Malawi and most of the pastors that he works with are very poor. During a recent trip to northern Malawi, 150 pastors attended his two weeks of training. He oversees two primary schools with a total of 500 children in them and supervises a solar irrigation program that provides irrigated land for an entire village. Moses and his wife Falles have two children; Ali and Isabella.