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How can students in different countries, in multiple languages, and numerous classes receive the material they need to multiply without the cost of printing? It is the smart phone app! 

In March, Pastor Andrew Olson finished the English smart phone app which includes all four curriculum books and the first two books of the Luganda. Now that the design has been established, it will be possible launch it in Spanish, Lusoga, and other languages. 

The English and Luganda apps have been introduced to the teachers in Uganda on this current trip. It was an important resource to launch in Uganda since we have nine zones with multiple classes and multiple teachers in each zone. This year there are 70 new graduates to add to the number of potential teachers. Currently, there are more than 40 active classes and we are moving oversight of those classes to the zonal level rather than the ministry team. The first step in this process has been to have teacher training events in each of the zones. Missionary Michael Rokenbrodt was the one who coordinated the teachers and the content for those zonal meetings.

This trip has included meetings with the missionaries and the ministry team, four separate graduations, and a teacher conference. Irene, the assistant to the first lady of Uganda was a guest at our fourth graduation. She is a vibrant Christian woman who grew up in the home of Mama Nissi, our secretary. She helped us celebrate our 10thyear of ministry in Uganda and vowed to protect this work. 

The Jores, the Raans, the Bergers, Michael, and the Ugandan Ministry team are pouring their lives into this work and we have developed a close bond between us. The familial terms of grandpa, uncle, or brother are the normal terms that I hear. One example of this ministry family is Alex and Mary. They are both graduates of the two-year training. They are teaching classes and leading their church together. We as a ministry family were thrilled when they were engaged to be married this coming June. That will be another ministry family event.