Gospel- Centered Discipleship

Oral Curriculum:

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Each narrative lesson is used to teach doctrine, character attrib­utes, and Christian life topics. Each lesson is taught with a balance of these topics, and Bible passages are chosen which point directly to the coming of the prom­ised Messiah.

our approach:

beginning with the end in mind

The program is guided by three goals, which direct the course’s content and implementation.
Every lesson includes the following three emphasis and there is a semester dedicated to each one.



What must the students know?


Who must they become?

ministry skills

How must they live?

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About the Curriculum

Volume One

The first book is an overview of the Old and New Testaments, each term is a selection of 14 narrative stories. The first term covers stories from creation to Exodus, the sec­ond term covers the promised land to the prophets, and the third term covers the life of Jesus.

Volume Two

The second book emphasizes the knowledge, charac­ter and spiritual life of the student. The first term addresses doctrine topics, the second term addresses character quali­ties, and the third term addresses ministry and spiritual life disciplines.

Volume Three

The third book is a study on the book of Romans. In that year the students memorize the book of Romans and carefully study the rich doctrine. Each lesson focuses on one passage, with questions for discussion and application as well as related verses for further study.

Volume Four

The fourth book is a study on Free and Living Congre­gations. It includes sections on the believer, the church, and the leader. It includes the topics of Luther’s Small Catechism and the Fundamental Principles of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations.

Two Formats:

Accessible and Convenient

“I pray that you will pray for us as teachers.”