Ambassador Inquiry- June 2017


The Cross-Cultural Ministry class returned from their two weeks of ministry in April. They worked alongside of Pastor Darwin Paacha, Aletheia Bible School, and Paz de Dios church in Cuenca.

Their presentations emphasized the creation, the fall, and the redemption which they shared with three schools. There was a clear response to the gospel from the students at the schools and great friendships formed with their fellow Bible school students.

The 10 AFLBS students each stayed in individual host homes. The language barrier was initially a challenge, but they soon realized how much they could communicate when they tried. That experience was listed as their highlight from the time. All of students have an interest in further missions. One of them, Emily Olson, plans to return to Ecuador for her fourth time to assist with Aletheia Bible School this summer.

One topic from class emphasized that the world has come to the United States and there are opportunities to do cross cultural ministry where ever we live. These students are more prepared to see the world around them and to live as global Christians through this training.



 Will you be at the Annual Conference or at the FLY Convention? These two big gatherings are a chance for our greater AFLC family to connect, get updates, and to encourage each other. We are also planning visits for the fall and would love to meet with you regardless of how many people there are. We need one another in this kingdom building process!


 Last July, Pastor Kevin received a call inviting him to share the Oral Training Strategy with a group of house churches in Cuba. The World Missions Committee approved an initial exploratory trip and now a second to better understand their doctrinal beliefs and their openness to Free Lutheran distinctives.

Cuba began to have some religious freedom after 1992 when the governmental leaders held a televised dialog with the church leaders and apologized for actions of the past. Since that time people have been having a great spiritual hunger. House churches have sprung up across the country because public gatherings are limited to 25 people at a time. The church in Cuba has gained a reputation that they are there to help people in need and people’s lives have been transformed by faith in Jesus.