Ambassador Inquiry- July 2017



“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:1

Graduations are celebrations, even when there are only four graduates. Although there are only four, all four of them have high positions and they have all begun teaching other classes.

2016 had been a difficult year for the Ambassador Institute in Uganda.  All seven of the ministry team members plus Nate and Rhoda had struggled enormously last year and the message of hope that they needed to hear was of the grace that is in Christ Jesus. Tracy said, “The problems that we have been facing cannot be solved by money. Only the message of hope in God’s Word can offer us anything.” In the midst of great personal struggles, the team helped lead the number of classes from four in January to 31 in April. There are 265 students represented in those 31 classes.

The team broke the classes into seven regions or zones. Each area has a team member in charge of it to oversee the work. Namyonjo David was added to the board because of Wanume Fred’s year and a half long battle with family illnesses.

Uganda Missionaries

Brent and Emily Raan have recently accepted an invitation by World Missions to serve in Uganda. They are planning to move in September. They will start working in Jinja with the Ambassador Institute Board and will be considering the greater World Mission ministry of planting churches as well.

 Micah and Famke Berger are home on furlough through December. They are looking to raise their support and return to the remote far north eastern corner of Uganda in the town of Karenga. They have been learning the language of Karamajong and building relationships with the leaders of the area. They are hoping to start an Ambassador Institute class in that area when they return next January.

Nate and Rhoda Jore moved into their new home last November. They have come through several challenges since then including multiple cases of Malaria, getting a work permit to stay in Uganda, getting the Ambassador Institute back to full health, and mentoring teachers who are leading the second generation of Romans classes. They are hoping to focus on starting house churches in this next season of ministry.


“Entrust to reliable men who will then be qualified to teach others.”