Ambassador Inquiry- September 2017


“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” Proverbs 15:22

There are many scriptures that speak about seeking counsel. Many of them are regarding the counsel of the Lord, but this one from proverbs speaks also about the counsel of man.


These three Ambassador Institute Board members have been serving in an advisory role for the World Missions Committee for several years. Pastor Haugen for five years, Pastor Hinrichs for four years, and Pastor Ballmann for two years. Each of them have a great deal of wisdom to add to the discussions and the direction for this ministry. We meet about five times a year to discuss ministry direction, curriculum, and recommendations to the World Missions Committee.

September is the All Boards meeting and the seven members of the World Missions Committee will be meeting to make decisions for each of the fields of ministry plus the Ambassador Institute and Journey Missions. This will be an important meeting with many large items to discuss. Pray for that meeting and the ministry that follows. The WMC is made up of: Pastor Craig Johnson, Scott Erickson, Glenn Espe, Paul Handsaker, Dr. Lyle Mattson, Pastor David Nelson, and Pastor Kent Sperry. The World Missions Committee meets for two days, four times a year.