Ambassador Inquiry- March 2017


“Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” Acts 2:38

Samuel and Sanjee Varao are twin 17 year-old boys from India who have felt God’s call to be messengers of His Word. They heard about and started attending an Ambassador Institute class that was being held near their home. When they heard the Word of God through the stories in the AI curriculum, the Holy Spirit changed their lives. They started writing and singing worship songs about the Lord. They asked to be baptized and desired to serve the Lord with their lives. It will be more difficult for them than for other men their age, because both of them had polio. They are unable to move their hands or their feet and spend their days in wheelchairs. Their future plan for ministry is for one of them to sing and the other to proclaim God’s Word.


The Rajamundry class is the newest group to start meeting in India. Their class meets on a roof top at night. Emmanuel is the teacher. He travels 8 hours by train one way every month for training. There are presently 50 attending and they are excited to be learning God’s Word in this new and challenging way.

Last November, the Baapatla class held a special event to honor the diligence of their students over the year and half that they had been studying. They had taken four of the six exams and were close to finishing the last two.

Kieliand is a business man from the Baapatla class. He is a father and a carpenter. In 2013, he received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Recently, he started to learn the Word of God through the Ambassador Institute classes. It was a method that he could understand and pass on to others. He learned about loving his neighbor through the Good Samaritan text. He understood it easily and he started to share it with others, including the Sunday School children. People have asked him how he, a simple man, that doesn’t know how to read and write, has gained so much knowledge of God’s Word. They are amazed at how easily he shares The Word.


Emmanuel has been an AI teacher for four years. He has applied to attend seminary at AFLTS and his wife, Harika, has applied to attend Bible School starting in September. By having a formal seminary degree they hope to be strong leaders within the AFLC India and for the Ambassador Institute.


Brent, Emily, Amaleah, and Sarala have been waiting for paperwork so that they can return to ministry. Pray for them regarding visa challenges. Recent changes have made it increasingly difficult for people to get visas.