Ambassador Inquiry- February 2017


There is a need to re-focus the leadership after all of the drama that Nate and Rhoda Jore have had to deal with over their work permit. At the end of March and the first two weeks in April, Pastor Kevin will be traveling to Uganda.

Jane Eyotia, one of the board members, wrote the following in an e-mail. “Special greetings in the name of the Lord.  Thank you for being there for us. You know it is great to know that you have somebody somewhere who cares and carrying the loving heart of God!”

“We have been in a serious battle of the Work Permit.   It became a blessing in disguise because all teachers, students and the team joined hands to fast and pray at set days.  I have never seen this type of unity before.  When we meet, we do not only pray for the work permit, but we also pray for all our directors, projects, classes, and personal needs, etc.  Though prayers were being carried on in different places, the target was the same.”

Pastor Kevin’s trip will include board meetings, graduation, and meeting with the Jore and Berger families. Micah and Famke have established their training base in Karenga. Karenga is in the north-eastern corner of Uganda next to Kidepo Game Reserve. Micah, Famke, and Naomi will be on furlough in the U.S. through the summer. Consider having them at your church to hear about their work and ministry. Click here to email Micah.




  • Brent and Emily Raan as they wait for the paper work to return.
  • Accountability for the classes, which includes the teachers, students, class times, and exams
  • Typing and printing of the Telugu curriculum


  • Micah and Famke Berger as they learn Karamajong and build relationships in this new region
  • Nate and Rhoda as they focus on ministry
  • The Ministry Team as some classes finish and others need to be revived
  • Pastor Kevin’s trip at the beginning of April


  • The Pillman family as they return for furlough
  • The Cross Cultural Ministry class who will be traveling the first two weeks in April
  • Aletheia Bible School and their three students


  • The development of Book Four of the Ambassador Institute curriculum Free and Living Congregations