Ambassador Inquiry- April 2017

Spanish Expansion

Israel Floress, a seminarian from Leon, Mexico, translated Book One of the revised curriculum into Spanish during the fall. He will translate the Book Two this spring. These translations allowed us the chance to explore training pastors in a closed Caribbean Island at the end of January. Israel would like to have this oral training available for his congregation as well.


ECUADOR Pastor Kevin teaches the Cross-Cultural Ministry class alongside of Pastor Mark Olson. The class has been traveling from the Association of Free Lutheran Bible School to Cuenca, Ecuador for six years. They do ministry alongside of the Aletheia Bible School students as they share God’s Word with schools in Cuenca. The Ambassador Institute has a partnership with Aletheia and has trained eight teams from their parent church, Paz De Dios, in the Oral Bible Study method. This year Mark Olson, Justo Pillman and Ruth Gunderson will be leading the trip. YES, IN THE U.S.

  • Church or District Training events: There have been five Ambassador Institute training events held at churches and districts in the U.S..
  • Ambassador Institute Curriculum can be ordered from the AI office at ($15) or from Amazon by searching for “Share the Word”, ($15).
  • Online: The lessons can be downloaded from the AI website at
  • Bible Study or Devotions: This curriculum is written for an oral presentation by a teacher, but it is useful to meditate and memorize the scripture. The subjects and questions are useful to draw out the context and thought of the scripture.
  • International Travel: You are welcome to join Pastor Kevin on a trip to Uganda or India and see firsthand the training in practice.
  • Financial Investment: We praise the Lord for the partnership of individuals and congregation making this ministry possible. Thank you!

 “Entrust to reliable men who will then be qualified to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:2