Changing lives

This New Year

Country: Uganda

Bagatia’s story

“Since this training reached Uganda, it has changed me. In fact, I’ve learned a lot.”

“As the motto says, ‘We have to teach faithful men who will be faithful to teach others,’ we are just continuing until Jesus comes back!”

Country: Uganda

Alice’s story

“I’m even able to tell someone about Jesus, that Jesus came for us… It is my pleasure and my prayer that they also may get saved. And after getting saved, to tell other people about the same.”

Country: Uganda

NATHAN’s story

“This training has changed me so great. The Bible is just in my head now. In times of trouble God can never leave you.”

Country: Uganda

Tracy’s story

“You people, you have to believe in Jesus. You are nothing without Jesus. The only person who can satisfy you is Jesus Christ. You need Jesus. We can not love without the love of Christ.”